Catalyst: Play Evaluation Platform


Evaluate detailed play opportunities with this fast, intuitive web application.
Access and integrate Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL)’s best-in-class oil & gas datasets.

For the best user experience, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Edge and IE 11 are supported, but users may encounter slower performance.

Get a Competitive Edge

Quantify risks and opportunities in minutes with Canadian Discovery’s Catalyst application. Continuously updated with high quality data, Catalyst is infused with Canadian Discovery’s in-depth insight into operators, productivity, EURs and more!

Catalyst delivers the metrics, analytics and geological context needed to stay ahead, whether you’re looking to explore, develop, buy, sell or lend in Western Canada.

Scoping Opportunities Has Never Been Easier

Quickly benchmark plays, areas or producing zones based on any parameters of your choosing. Designed specifically for play analysis, Catalyst combines best-in-class datasets with interactive mapping, graphing and spreadsheet tools to enable effective scoping and apples-to-apples comparison.

For Western Canada:

  • Activity – licenses, spuds
  • Well data – header info, operator, prod zone, dates
  • Production data – IPs, monthly rates, cums
  • Geological plays – regional and detailed
  • Type-curve derived EURs for horizontal wells
  • Production decline-based EURs for vertical and deviated wells

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